About Lauranne

About Lauranne

Lauranne is the calligrapher and illustrator behind The Pleasantry. She currently resides in Brisbane with her husband, two exuberant children and a rollicking dog. 

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Calligraphy and Engraving

Lauranne’s journey with calligraphy began with an interest in the discipline and traditional form of Copperplate script. Her interest expanded into poring over the works of  world esteemed calligraphers – the penmen and women renowned for their mathematical precision in letter formation and elegant flourishes. Her skillset grew thanks to a combination of her quiet determination to master this craft, as well as through attending classes from renowned calligraphers. These solid foundations and deep appreciation for the important basics of traditional calligraphy paved the way for her to develop her modern and whimsical take on traditional pointed pen script, which she fondly dubs her Pleasantry script. 

Her signature calligraphy style can be applied onto a variety of surfaces by using a pointed pen, brushes, and hand engraving tool. 

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Lauranne’s beginnings with watercolours began as a sort of happy accident. While enjoying brush calligraphy with a paintbrush and watercolours, she was mesmerised by the way watercolours interacted with each other which led to an organic exploration of the medium. Unbeknownst to her, her latent affair with drawing was yearning to burst free – and once it came alive, it took a life of its own and led Lauranne down the wide and wonderful world of illustrative work. 

While there are many applications for her watercolour illustrations, surface pattern design currently remains one of her favourite arenas to explore her illustrative interest. 

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